Saturday, January 21, 2006

Crude Oil Production By Country

Here's a great chart from Chart of the Day showing Crude Oil Production By Country over the past 45 years.

I like the long sweep of time and the way that 5 key factors are presented on a single chart in a fashion that each individual factor is readable.

What questions does this chart raise for you? What else can you already see here that is not included in the text of the Chart of the Day posting?

If they had shared the underlying data for these time series,

a. I would have liked to add all 5 countries together to see what their aggregate production looked like and

b. compared that as a percentage of the total world wide production figures ( a key factor not included in the data they presented).

c. I would have also liked to look at the patterns for just the past 10 years in more close-up detail.

Since they did not share their data, what I have in mind is theoretically possible, but effectively impractical due to the order of magnitude time requirements to dig up this data myself in an area that I have not worked on previously.

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