Sunday, January 14, 2007

Recent Trends in Iraq

Below you will find 9 trend graphs that I've culled from the Brookings Iraq Index Report. These cover a only a fraction of the 23 trend charts that appear in the report and represent the ones that I believe are some combination of "most important" and "most readily understandable" without a lot of accompanying text discussion. Unfortunately, some other important trends that are included in the Brookings report are available only in table format.

Please note that the time interval varies from chart to chart based on what data was available.
  1. Multiple Fatality Bombings – May 03 – Jan 07
  2. Killed and Wounded in Multiple Fatality Bombings – May 03 – Jan 07
  3. Average Weekly Attacks by Time Period – 01 Jan 2004 – 11 Aug 2005
  4. Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) Detonated and Disarmed - Jan 2006 –June 2006
  5. US Troops Wounded in Action March - March 2003 – Jan 2007
  6. Iraqi Military and Police Killed Monthly – Apr 03 – Jan 07
  7. Iraqi Deaths from All Violet Causes – Jan 06- Oct 06
  8. Number of Daily Attacks by Insurgents and Militias - June 03 – Nov 06
  9. Enemy-Initiated Attacks Against the Coalition and its Partners May 2003 –Aug 2006
Taken together, and set in this relatively more compact layout than the original report, I think you will find that these charts make a powerful statement, and provide more depth of understanding more quickly than you might find from most other sources reporting on the situation. Of course, for all the details and caveats and explanations that go with these charts, I refer you back to the original source.

What do you think these mean?
What do you see?
What else do you want to know?

Do you find that having all the charts together deepens understanding or saves you time in grasping the situation?

You can click on each trend graph for a full size image.

Iraqi Deaths from All Violent Causes

The chart above makes a pretty strong statement of recent trends in the number of attacks.

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