Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Download Readily Reusable File Example

Following up our posts from yesterday. It was our intention to make it easy for you to download a readily reusable trend data file that you could try out with the TLViz (TimeLine Visualizer) software or read into your favorite tool such as Microsoft Excel.

Yesterday's method was too complex, took too many keystrokes and sometimes ran afoul of overly smart browser software that changed the format of the file upon downloading.

We now have arranged a workable method that uses a minimum of keystrokes and that preserves the file in its original format so that it will continue to work with TLViz.

Right click on the URL below and save the results to your desktop or designated folder.

Alternatively, you can open the CSV text file in your browser and then select File, Save as to save it to your desktop but the right click method takes fewer keystrokes.

Have fun trying out TLViz. We'll be posting more about this tool and why we think it represents an important demonstration of the potential of readily reusable trend data combined with timeline collaboration methods.

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