Thursday, January 18, 2007

Consolidating the Iraq Trend Charts from Multiple Sources: A step toward ready-viewability

In the past few days, we've posted a total of 21 charts showing trends that matter on the ground in Iraq. These were culled and selected from 4 separate sources and posted in 4 separate posts. You can scroll down the January 2007 posts from January 17th back to January 13th and find all 21 of these charts in relatively close proximity to each other. Our theory is that by bringing them all to one relatively compact place, we make it easier for those who are interested in learning more about what is happening to have access to the combined analysis and reporting talent from the four sources.

What can we do next? We think this approach makes it easier, but it still is not easy. Due to the current limitations of this blog, the graphs that appear in the blog itself are relatively small in size and to get a full grasp of the message of each trend it is necessary to click on each trend graph to get a full size image. This is pretty unwieldy and involves a lot of extra back and forth clicks to navigate to a good sized view of each trend.

Here's a possible approach to make this a bit easier and less time consuming and require far fewer clicks and allow much better navigation back and forth between the different trend charts. What we've done is to take all 21 trend graphs to create a single down-loadable PDF document that will let you easily view all trends up to the full size your screen while navigating back and forth to the chart you want using the full navigational capabilities of Adobe Acrobat (e.g. page down, page up).

Here's the link - Combine-Iraq-Trends Please let us know what you think of this step towards making these important charts rank higher on a ready-viewability scale.

Did you find the navigation easier?
Did having easy access to all trends in full size improve understanding for you?
What other suggestions do you have to make this even easier?

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