Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oil Production: Iraq Weekly Status Report - March 21, 2007

Here's the latest Iraq Oil production chart from the Iraq Weekly Status Report, March 21, 2007
showing production at or close to the Oil Ministry Goal for 2007 and holding quite steady .for the past 7 weeks after a slowdown period at the beginning of January.

To completely understand the meaning of current production and this year's goal, it would be helpful if the full range of production data since the beginning of the war were also available in addition to the zoomed in most recent view that is presented.

With that in mind, I assembled a mini time series history (each about 3 months apart) of this chart as it appears in weekly reports stretching back to 2005. Note that the next to the last chart overlaps the charts before and after to more clearly show the January 2007 dip.

Ideally, all this data would be on a single chart and much more readily digestible.

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