Saturday, March 24, 2007

Latest Iraq Trends from the Brookings Institution

The Brookings Institution continues its weekly Iraq Trend reporting. Here are some interesting charts gleaned from their March 22nd edition. Note the link to the Brookings Latest Iraq Trends Report will always take you to their most recent version.

Security Stations Established. This is a new chart reflecting changes underway as a result of the "surge" showing the number of security stations (cumulative) that have been established in Baghdad. The new goal is to reach 70 stations (original goal of 30).

Patrols Per Week. This new chart shows patrols carried per week and shows an impressive jump up in recent weeks.

IED Fatalities & Percentage. This dual axis chart shows both the number of IED fatalities (red bars, left scale) and the percentage of all fatalities that are attributable to IEDs (blue line, right scale).

Targetted Attacks. This chart shows average weekly attack based on who the attacks target - Coalition forces, Iraqi forces, or others.

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