Saturday, March 24, 2007

More BBC trend charts for Iraq

BBC NEWS | In Depth | Iraq violence, in figures

The BBC link above is the source for these two easy to read charts -- the first showing the varying levels of US troop strength and the second showing the US Military Death Toll.

Good points of the BBC presentation:

1) Full range of Data. Both charts go back to the beginning of the conflict in 2003 and are up to date as of Feb 2007.

2) Combining Data from Multiple Sources.
The BBC has combined data sources obtaining the troop strength information from the Brookings Institution and fatality figures from the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. The charts are presented on the page so the single Time Axis can be used for both for more ready comparison.

3) Detailed Interactive Event Description Integrated with the Trend Data.

The BBC original interactive chart has the option to click on the event arrows to get a brief snapshot of some of the important events and see how these fit into the overall picture and relate to the underlying trends.

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