Saturday, July 30, 2005

Timelines on the Web - Part IV - Iraq Electricity

Here's the situation in Iraq with Electricity Demand and Current Generating Capacity.

It comes from the Iraq Weekly Status Report dated July 20, 2005 at:

The image there will be clearer than the one I have included with this post. Check out the whole document which includes some other informative time series graphs on building a solid foundation for progress in Iraq.

What other metrics would we need to look at if we were to have a good feel and understanding for what is happening on the ground in Iraq?


I find the electricity chart to be clear and readable and readily understandable. What would make this data even more interesting would be to see what these same metrics looked like going back to 1980. Then, we could put the current demand and output in better perspective.

How does this report compare with what we are seeing on the Evening News?

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