Thursday, June 14, 2007

Metrics inspired by the news part II - Prison Metrics

Here are some additional metrics inspired by recent news from Iraq.

This batch is based on the seed idea that what is happening in the prisons in Iraq today can shed important light that would otherwise not be visible.
  1. Current prison population under Coalition control (male, female)
  2. Current prison population under Iraqi patrol (male, female)
  3. Number in prison who have not yet been charged
  4. Number in prison who have been charged
  5. Number in prison currently under trial
  6. Number convicted
  7. Number found not guilty and released
  8. Average time from arrest to being charged
  9. Average time from arrest to trial completion
  10. Percentage of prison population who are considered insurgents
  11. Prison population (Shia, Sunni, Kurd, other)
  12. Number arrested per day
  13. Number freed per day
  14. Number in prison who are under the age of 18
  15. Prison population as a percentage of maximum rated capacity
  16. Number of deaths while in prison
  17. Number of suicides of inmates
  18. Percentage of prisoners in solitary confinement
  19. Prison population disaggregated by prison location
I am not an expert on prisons, but it would seem that if we could track the indicators above, we could begin to get a sense of how this aspect of life in Iraq today was evolving. Ideally, those who are expert in understanding prisons can add their favorite and most important metrics to the mix if I have not included them.

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